Orchestra / Large ensemble:

what broken hierarchies, for voices and large ensemble (2014)

over us the shifting rafters, for orchestra (2013)

yet another example of the porousness of certain borders, for piano and orchestra (2012-13)

Chamber ensemble:

two romances, for five violins (2017)

concrete, after the novel by Thomas Bernhard, for countertenor and string quartet (2016-17).

by which all   eloquence   gets justified, for ten players (2014)

...and all watched over by machines of loving grace, for sextet (2012-13)

seven notes of Nancarrow, for saxophone quartet (2011)

the art of standing still, for string quartet (2011)

reassignment hereon, for nine players (2009-10)


flocks and companies, for piano (2015)

in the land of hush-a-bye, for music box (2015–)

gyternynge, for guitar (2015)

various piano pieces (2011–)

reassignment hereon - mvt.III, for piano (2009)


comingupforair, music for short film (2015)

5 Fingers, music for short film (2015)

the unjust malaise of the substance of things overheard, electronic EP (in progress) (2012–)

before the devil is a busy man, piano EP (2012)

get Carter, for stereo playback (2011)


Leo Mercer's onlife (2015)


le tour de france, for two performers and video, collaboration with Jeppe Ernst (2014)


four englynion, for choir, text by various authors (2016)

three last verses, for choir, text by Charles Darwin (2012)