four englynion
for SATB choir. 7'
2016 (in progress)

i. the happy man (Anon.)

from sea and manor and nearby mountain,
from depths in the rivers,
god builds all the livelong day
with blessing for the blesséd.

ii. mercy (Anon., ed. Lewis)

my god, keep in thy sight me –
on a poor cobbler, lord, have mercy,
as i would, were i heaven's lord
and thou the likes of me.

iii. a beauty (Anon.)

if, as they say, you're a fool
and your purpose is false,
remarkable that god saw fit
to fashion you so fairly.

iv. the last englyn (Tudur Aled, 1480-1525)

for the sake of the flowing bright wounds of jesus,
for the bruise of his breast,
for blood from his every stab,
may i not feel this pain long!